What services can we provide to you?

Sid IT Solution is a software consultancy specialising in the latest of tech. Our aim is to improve your technology with best practices in all aspects of software engineering, from cloud migration and deployment best practices, to full stack software engineering and security.

Software Development

Whether you are just looking for a few features to be added to an existing solution, to refactor/rebuild an existing codebase using a new architectural pattern, or want a brand new product building - we can help. We take on all areas of software development, from individual enhancements right through to complete greenfield developments.


We specialise in most modern languages and frameworks. The core experience we have is within the Microsoft stack, .Net Framework and .Net Core along with modern frontend technlogies such as Angular, React and Vue javascript framework

Cloud Migration

We specialise in migrating on premise infrastructure and monolith architectures into more manageable and scalable micro service archtectures, hosting within AWS and Azure using best practice toolkits and frameworks


Our engineers are knowledgeable about security and how to apply best practice to engineering, helping to prevent the most common security vulnerabilities as detailed in the OWASP top 10, such as SQL Injection, reflected, stored and dom based XSS, CSRF and command injection.

Our amazing team of technology specialists

Our technology team experience in many sectors from finance, to retail, and spanned many roles, from software engineering to dev ops and even security specialists.

Siddharth Abhishek

Full Stack Developer

Monika Gupta

Quality Analyst